Lagerfeld, McQueen, and Galliano Land on a Darkhorse Tee


We have a pet peeve, and it's graphic tees. On one hand, 99.9 percent of these cotton suckers come from Annoying Ugly–ville, while .01 percent reside in the ever-admirable Corny But Cute–land. The one you see here is by designer Andrew Randle's Darkhorse line. It's called "Project Darkhorse," and it manages to simultaneously praise and poke fun at fashion gods John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and Karl Lagerfeld while not looking totally idiotic. It's dropping in March 2009 for $45 on The finger-wagging, eyebrow-flexing, fist-clinching threesome look like they're just short of beating each other down. Doesn't make it you wonder, who would win in a fight? Also, don't you love how Karl has a fan?