Inside Diane Von Furstenberg’s Wonder Woman Comic Book


Diane Von Furstenberg celebrated the launch of her Wonder Woman–inspired holiday collection last night at her studio. The way she buzzed around the room, zipping in and out of people, jetting out early to catch a plane to Asia, made her seem like a superhero in her own right. So we asked her what superhuman power she would have if she could, and she said: "I would destroy all weapons." But how would you destroy all weapons without using a weapon? "I don't know. I'd just do it." She also said she'd wear a jersey dress and call herself Super Diane. Heroic! But perhaps the biggest highlight of the collection is the comic book she penned to go along with it called The Adventures of Diva, Viva & Fifa, illustrated by Konstantin Kakanias, and published by DC Comics. The book is a limited edition for the holidays, available in store or online for $25. One hundred percent of proceeds benefit Vital Voices, a nongovernmental organization that embodies Von Furstenberg's goal to empower women to find inner strength on a global scale. We got our eager little hands on the comic and its inspirational pages, which includes an original story by Diane Von Furstenberg, a letter by Lynda Carter, and an introduction by Gloria Steinem, so be your own Wonder Woman (or Man) and click ahead for the slideshow to check it out.