Found on eBay: Margiela’s Dollar, Dollar Bills Y’All


Earlier this year, Maison Martin Margiela created an $11 bill wallet in a way that seemed very "damn the man!" with missing ink where GW's head is supposed to be. Apparently, gray pumps were also part of the little faux-money line, and now they've made their way onto eBay. From the looks of it, it's the real thing, with the bottom sole and phony $22 bills on the toebox printed exactly like the wallet. Originally, the shoes cost $645, but now they're online with a starting bid of $99. At first, it's like "Wow, Margiela for a hundred bucks!?" But then, reality hits: Even fake twenties will cost you. And in our economy, walking around with money on your toes is a big, bold move. Ironic, don't you think? [Always In Style]