Giorgio Armani on Retiring: He’s Not


Giorgio Armani wants to make things clear: He's not retiring anytime soon. In a recent interview with Il Sole, the legend noted that he doesn't have an heir lined up — which pretty much halts any exiting process. And from the sound of it, he isn't jumping into that risky water anytime soon:

"The founder is linked to the brand and represents its style. When it comes to replacing the founder there is always a doubt as to whether to change the style. The young designers have all the talent that is needed, but in a system made up of only 'untouchable icons' that cut off all oxygen, you can also die."

Grim much? But Armani knows it's a tricky balance. Sure, as the epicenter of a $100-billion business, Armani knows stepping down could have incredible impact on the brand. But ultimately, the generational torch must pass on someday. Now it's only a matter of when. So, when?

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