Heel-less Shoes Are ‘Easy to Walk In’


Our feet hurt when we look at these heel-less Antonio Berardi boots Victoria Beckham wore to a fragrance launch event in New York last week. But the Guardian's Hadley Freeman tried on a pair of heel-less kicks after they debuted on Berardi's runway last year. She writes: "[T]hey were actually really easy to walk in, and I tell you this as someone who feels precarious whenever she has to swap her ballet pumps for, well, anything. I think the trick is that the shoes are extremely heavy, because they are deliberately weighted in the platform base under the toe. This means that all your weight is forced forwards and then downwards, so you literally cannot tip backwards and there isn't any of that teeter-totter nonsense you get with normal heels." Teeter-totter nonsense aside, we'll pass. [Guardian]