Heidi Montag’s Fashion Line Is Over


Heidi Montag's clothing line, Heidiwood, is no more. Anchor Blue spokeswoman Marla White tells us the label will not renew its contract with Heidi. She said contrary to reports that the line had been discontinued, the contract was only one year long and they were happy to leave it at that. "We just felt that the one year was a great year for both of us, and we're looking into other options," she explained. "We really found that we want to explore … what style really means to our girl … and that doesn't necessarily mean a celebrity brand. It really means fashion and comfort, and we can really accomplish that with our own brand." Yeah, we can see low-cut zebra tops and shorts with quarter-inch inseams not fitting into that equation. "We're taking a completely new style direction and we're very, very excited about it," White continued. Also contrary to previous reports, Anchor Blue is not closing 40 stores across the country but will actually open ten new stores next year. Way to go, Anchor Blue!