Is ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ in Kenley’s Future?


We could not have been more delighted with the outcome of Project Runway. We want to wear Leanne's petal dresses, and clothes on that show rarely inspire such desires. However, it sounds like Harper's Bazaar editor Glenda Bailey is not a petal-pusher (zing!). She supposedly favored Kenley Collins. The New York Post reports that Kenley and Glenda got chummy at a party Glenda hosted last week:

One partygoer told us, "Glenda was really into Kenley and her '50s style. They were talking on the sofa for 30 minutes, and Glenda kept saying that she liked the feathers in her hair and that it was a shame Kenley didn't win."

She liked the feathers in her hair? We think they go with her personality — both obnoxious and awkward. Speaking of her personality, we wonder if Kenley set her bitchitude aside long enough to talk Glenda into putting her work in Bazaar. Maybe they could do another spread like the one in the September issue where Tyra Banks poses as Michelle Obama, except they could have Kenley posing as all the designers she copies.