Kate Moss’s Christmas-Party Wardrobe Advice


If the British tabloids are to be believed, Kate Moss got back together with Jamie Hince only after she agreed to party less. But that didn't stop her from granting an interview to the London Times about partying. And what do you know — her current favorite drink is a vodka tonic and she likes to dance with her girlfriends and "men that can dance." Fascinating. As for proper party styling:

What is your fail-safe party item? A little black dress, of course. If I’m going dancing, then I wear the highest heels with the shortest dress.

Can you describe your perfect night out? My favourite nights out are nights with lots of friends... I’ve always had great – probably my most memorable – nights out and some brilliant parties on my birthday, particularly my 30th. I later found out that the dress I wore that night was owned by Britt Ekland, and she wore it to the premiere of The Man with the Golden Gun. I love it so much, I used it to inspire a dress in my Topshop Christmas collection. It is intricately covered in midnight-blue sequins, so we have only produced 10 of the full-length version. There is also a shorter mini version, which will be more readily available. It’s perfect for Christmas parties, and looks best when worn with casual, rocky hair and ankle boots.

When we think of dressing for Christmas parties, visions of cashmere sweaterdresses and combed hair dance in our heads. Not to mention sipping warm mead around the fire with family members. However, we kind of like the idea of showing up to a family gathering in a sequined minidress with seriously smoky eyes and mussed hair. Topped off with a disaffected attitude and a new affinity for cigarettes. Just to freak out Mom for old time's sake, since we're not planning on piercing our faces or getting a boy's name tattooed on our shoulder anytime soon.

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