Kelly Cutrone Passed on ‘Hills’ Spinoff, Has New Show in the Works


Whitney Port is busy filming her Hills spinoff, The City, which documents her new job at Diane Von Furstenberg. But her former boss Kelly Cutrone told us at the Fashion Unites for Obama fund-raiser at Talavera studios on Friday that she was offered a spot on the new show, but passed. "When I thought about The Hills, when Lisa Love called me at Vogue and when I talked to them, I thought, There has to be a reason why Anna [Wintour]'s doing this. You know? I feel like I maximized that." Cutrone said. "I also didn't really feel like it was a great idea to be on a spinoff of a spinoff of a spinoff. I felt like I already rolled the dice." She added if she was going to do another TV show, she wanted to own part of it (it's the power-bitch way, after all). So she signed with the William Morris Agency. "I have another deal that I'm going to be an exec producer on — that I'll own part of," she explained. The show's in the very early stages, and Cutrone said details are still fuzzy. "I know some real talented people, and we want to be able to produce a show that we're not on as well," she said. "I'll be the Ryan Seacrest of fashion."

But still, she thinks The City will be great for Diane Von Furstenberg, whom she offered some advice. "She said, 'Well, I don't really know how much I'll be on,' and stuff. And I said that she really needed to be prepared for it. First of all, your whole Internet system — whenever MTV comes around — is going to go down. So the cameras blow out the Internet system. I told her I thought it would be a fantastic thing for her business." But like having children, one doesn't know what to expect when shooting these shows until one does it. "Diane has no idea," Cutrone continued. "It's like when Lisa Love called me up and said, 'You should be on The Hills.' I go, 'I know when you said I should be on this show, you gave me a double-edged sword. I didn't know that it came with a cock ring and bat.'" On that note, last-minute thoughts on the election? "I think that John McCain is an idiot, to be honest with you. He scares me, and his wife scares me."