Kenley From ‘Project Runway’ Cries on ‘Regis and Kelly’


This morning the remaining Project Runway contestants went on Live With Regis and Kelly to plug their season finale, part one of which airs tonight on Bravo. And guess what? Kenley cried! On Regis and Kelly! Shouldn't she be saving that for Oprah? Anyhow, the clip from last week's episode of her opting out of the Tim Gunn group hug really choked her up. "I hate watching it," she says. "I was a little bit ganged up on, but it is what it is … I didn't mean to be rude or anything. I'm just not very good at being subtle." Jerell and Korto even jump to her defense "It was really, really hard, and we all dealt with it differently," says Jerell. They better not be so friendly to each other tonight or we will be so bored. [Gawker]