Latex Can Make You Look Skinny


Latex is the hot fabric this fall. Yes, latex as in rubber, as in the famous pieces from Balenciaga's fall '08 collection, as in the painted-on sort of stuff the Pussycat Dolls can't get enough of, and as in the vest Britney Spears wears in her "Womanizer" video. So yeah, you don't have to go around town looking like a walking condom to rock the latex trend if you can't afford Balenciaga — you can just wear the Britney vest! It's made by Syren, designed by Jeffrey Gent, and costs $199.

"The nice thing about latex is you can manipulate your body under it," [Gent] told the Daily News.

"Women like it because [it works] like a Miracle Bra. Depending on how tight it is, you can also draw your waist in."

So even if a girl can't afford the Britney vest or Balenciaga latex (which actually pulled away from the body) and opted for a latex piece that fit like a condom, her figure would look slim and svelte? Maybe Spanx should be making extra-skinny latex girdle tights this season. We'll take commission on that idea via PayPal, Spanxers. Thanks.

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