Marc Jacobs Themes Next Holiday Party ‘Rock and Roll Circus’


Marc Jacobs's holiday parties are legendary. The theme is executed to the nines and attendees dress up with the same enthusiasm. They don't just put on a headband with furry triangles and call themselves cats. Oh no. They go to the Halloween spa in Iceland and get treatments that enable their bodies to grow actual fur and claws for a day. Well, not really but the preparation required is just about as intense. So what do the posh fabulous people invited have to prepare for this year? Marc just revealed the theme: "Rock and Roll Circus." According to WWD the invite references the documentary The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus about the Stones' 1968 concerts. That part's all fine and well, but can someone tell us what is up with all the fashion-meets-circus stuff lately? On Saturday, Diesel's 30th-Anniversary party in Brooklyn has the same "Rock and Roll Circus" theme. And what's more, Heatherette designer Richie Rich's ad campaign for his forthcoming Hot Topic line has a "dark circus" theme. So... are clowns going to pop up on the runways in February? Alongside models in stilts? Oh wait — they already do that.

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