Marc Jacobs Wore High Heels to Feel How Women Suffer for Fashion


At this week's Cinema Society premiere of Filth and Wisdom, Madonna's directorial debut, Marc Jacobs showed up wearing a skirt. However he paired it with boots and socks rather than the high heels he wore to his Louis Vuitton show in Paris. He said those were by Rick Owens. "I don't always wear high heels," he explained, adding he feels empathy for women who do. "I always get nuts when women go, 'Oh, men don't know what it's like — women in heels, women in skirts, women in dresses — what it's like to suffer for fashion.'" He continued, "Although I've always wanted to be taller, which is the real reason I wore them, I also thought I can show that I, too, will suffer for fashion." How did he fare? "It wasn't really suffering at all. It was a pleasure to be able to achieve a look that I wanted to look like." Jacobs added he has no problem walking in heels and his feet hurt at the end of a long day even if he's wearing sneakers. "I like wearing skirts and high heels and stuff like that. I don't see it in a way that it's like women suffering. I see it in a way it's like women get to have all the fun." Touché.

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