Nina Garcia Purchased Naughty Schoolgirl Halloween Costume at Ricky’s


On Saturday Allison Sarofim hosted a Japanese anime-themed Halloween party. Nina Garcia went dressed as "a naughty Japanese schoolgirl, with tall (yet tasteful) hooker boots, a pleated gray minidress and heavy eye makeup," according to the Observer. What? Our innocent, conservative Project Runway Nina chooses Slutoween over Halloween? Heavens! “Oh, this was just the easiest thing because I had no time to think about it; it took me like five minutes to get ready,” she told the Observer. “I got it at Ricky's, which was absolutely packed today.” Sure, Nina. You just picked that because it was the "easiest." But you know what? We know you've got a hot bod, and we think we know an inner desire to flaunt that hotness when we see it. We'd feel the same way if we spent the same amount of time as you next to Heidi in all her minidresses and perfect cleavage and perfect, well, everything on Project Runway. Although we also completely understand that finding a slutty costume is much easier these days than finding a costume that, you know, covers the body.

Catsuits and California Rolls at Allison Sarofim’s Halloween Bash [NYO]