Tear Sheets: The Best and Worst of October Fashion Magazines


The editorials and ads in this month's fashion magazines got into the Halloween spirit, much to our delight. This is the season of goth, after all! However we kind of wish someone had done a trick-or-treating spread. We know it's cliché, but imagine models walking through the suburbs with plastic pumpkins shot by Terry Richardson — amazing, right? Nonetheless, we enjoyed French Vogue's crazy-high shoe spread, Lula's witch spread with a comeback queen, and Purple's requisite awkward nudity. As for our least favorite pages, Nylon's spread of Cory Kennedy and Peaches Geldof was a forced attempt at creating stars, Canadian Flare forgot Coco Chanel's styling edict and overdid the trends, and Paper committed the ultimate sin: They made Julianne Moore look old and unpretty. We've arbitrarily awarded the best and worst photos from the October issues in the slideshow.