L'Oréal Lays Off 260; Comme des Garçons for H&M Already on eBay!


• L'Oréal is cutting around 260 jobs in the south Wales valleys, despite employees regularly meeting target quotas and often exceeding them. [BBC]

• H&M threw an event at Espace last night to celebrate their collaboration with Comme des Garçons, and the little eaux de toilette handed out in gift bags to partygoers are already on eBay for $34.90 (the line launches November 13). Would you expect any less from the H&M crowd? [eBay]

• Pantene Pro-V signed Padma Lakshmi and Stacy London to be the spokespeople for the new Nature Fusion line. Brace yourself for new commercials sans Maria Menounos. [WWD]

• Sarah Silverman broached the topic of shaving, trimming, and waxing the nether regions on her television show. She didn't want to because she said pubic hair reminded her of her mom, but cut them anyway to make her boyfriend happy. Sellout? [Jezebel]

• Olay just launched a "professional" skin-care line that is supposed to give you results in 28 days. It's like Proactiv but perhaps without an endorsement from P. Diddy. [WWD]