Phillip Lim Dishes on His Fall 2009 Collection


Fashion Week basically ended yesterday, but designers aren't languishing in Grecian hot springs with hot models feeding them grapes. They're back at the drawing board creating next year's pre-fall and fall collections. In fact, they're probably whipping up fabulous things right now as we type. We caught up with Phillip Lim this week at the Crystallized Swarovski Elements launch party for Unbridaled, a book of photographs of wedding decorations and gowns inspired by Swarovski crystals (Lim designed a gown for the book). What can we expect for his February show, which is so far away, yet so necessary to know about right this second? "Fun. Glamorous. Edgy. Jewel-toned colors. More luxe and rich in a way that it's not about more expensive — it's just the depth, the texture, the color, the feel," he explained. "It's the girl growing up. Grown-up girls that don't forget to have fun. It's going to be more emotional than ever." He added his approach to the upcoming collections will be the same as always despite the fact that everyone's so broke nowadays. "I mean, our business is pretty, wearable clothes. What would I change it to? All I could do is put even more of my heart and soul into it and make it even more personal." Aw.