Random 13-Year-Old Girl Has Worn Favorite Pucci Jacket for ‘Years’


Meet Scarlett Lesley. "I travel extensively and I need a wardrobe that can take me anywhere," she told the Daily Mail. "Last year I was on the red carpet in LA for the premiere of George Clooney's film Leatherheads, I partied all summer in Ibiza, skied in St Moritz and swam in the Maldives." No, she's not an actress you should know about. She's a 13-year-old. A burgeoning Peaches Geldof! Recently she attended the opening party for a gallery wearing 200-pound Lulu Guinness shoes and carrying a Chanel handbag. In case you're not annoyed yet, read this:

'I first fell in love with designer things when I started playing dress up with Mummy's quilted Chanel bag,' says Scarlett. 'I just loved the feel and the look of it. I got my own Marc Jacobs bag (around £5,000) when I was 12 and my friends were like: "Oh my God! That is so fabulous!"

They all knew what it was, immediately. 'I love my designer bags and shoes with a passion — they are like my babies. My most expensive item of clothing is probably a £650 Pucci jacket from Harrods. But I have worn it for years!

I mix and match my really expensive designer items with High Street shops, such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters, to create a really eye-catching and individual look.'

Oh God. When we were 13, we probably shopped at Gap and swam in pools at summer camp. And instead of "fabulous," we used "cool." We really don't want to know what young Scarlett's dressing up as for Halloween.

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