Sarah Palin’s Hairstylist Has Been Identified!


The red highlights. The lash-skimming bangs. The half–French braid. And of course, that inimitable bouffant. Sarah Palin's hair has become as much of a conversation topic as that kitschy wink. But we all know a working mom with five kids can't get a mini-hive so smooth all on her own. Enter: Angela the hairstylist. W magazine recently learned that Angela has been traveling with Palin. She's based at the Hair Grove in Westlake Village, California, where she won't be available again until November 4.

W wasn't able to confirm Angela's last name since "the Hair Grove stopped answering our questions." But the magazine did find out how Palin found Hair Grove. So who lent a helping hand? Cindy McCain, of course! McCain directed Palin to the salon, which is where she found her own current stylist, Piper. McCain had reportedly inquired at the salon about extensions. Thankfully, she doesn't appear to have gotten them. But we wonder if McCain passed Angela down to Palin and took Piper for herself. McCain did sport a slight bouffant herself a couple of months ago but has recently — and wisely — taken to wearing her hair down. Guess we'll never know.

Where Sarah Palin Got Her Hockey Mom Hair [Editors' Blog/W]