Sarah Palin’s New Tote Bag: ‘Real Women Hunt Moose’


Political-fashion recap time! On Tuesday at the debate, Michelle Obama traded her fast fashion for a red Narciso Rodriguez dress with sparkly green ribbon pins, which, WWD writes, "said 'Christmas' more than 'campaign countdown.'" At least it's cheery. Governor Palin watched the debate at a pizza parlor in Greenville, N.C., wearing a Nike track jacket and jeans. She wore an orange track jacket while watching the last one, so this must be her debate-watching uniform. And yesterday, she wore a black suit when crossing the tarmac in Pennsylvania to meet John McCain, carrying a mismatched tote bag that read "Real Women Hunt Moose" above a picture of a moose's head. We wonder if she has one that reads "Real Women Tease Hair" above a picture of her winking face, because that would be awesome. [WWD]