Simon Doonan Thinks Sarah Palin Should Go for ‘Flamboyance’


And now it's time to get excited for tonight's vice-presidential debate! By talking about clothes, obviously. Sarah Palin has improved upon her wardrobe as of late. She no longer wears shoes by the brand Naughty Monkey, which Paris Hilton has also been photographed in. She has reportedly traded Mary K lipstick for M.A.C lipstick and, according to insiders, has employed a secret team of stylists. What does the fashion industry think of all this? WWD tried to find out. They called Michael Fink, fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue, where Palin allegedly purchased the $2,500 silk Valentino jacket she wore to the Republican National Convention. “We just can’t comment,” he said. Moving on! Someone at Nordstrom in Anchorage, where Palin likes to shop? “Oh, jeez, I’m not supposed to say anything [about her],” a saleswoman said. “I think you’re supposed to call corporate.” Corporate? No answer! Several fashion designers also declined to comment. But there is one important man in the fashion industry who did comment: Barneys creative director Simon Doonan.

“It’s either love or hate,” said Doonan, who has made no secret of his Democratic partisanship. As for the impact of her wardrobe on voters’ minds, he added, “Nothing she wears will cause anyone to budge, so she might as well enjoy her clothes and go for a little flamboyance. I’m seeing a little Jackie Rogers, a little vintage Mackie.”

Damn. We were kind of hoping he'd imagine her in a high-fashion look, as he did with Hillary, Michelle, Barack, Bill, John, and Cindy back in May. But just because he didn't doesn't mean we can't! We'd like to see Palin in, oh, new Gareth Pugh.

We just think it has presence. The Elizabethan collar has an air of leadership about it, doesn't it? Besides, the bouffant only goes so far.

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