Topshop to October Magazines: ‘You Got Punked!’


According to original plans, Topshop was slated to open this week on Broadway. Alas, in mid-September, news broke that it got pushed back to March 2009, which left us bloggers buzzing about the delay. Virtual tears, if you will. Unfortunately, print magazines were probably more pissed than the Internet world. Forced to close pages months ahead of time, Topshop's October opening landed in the pages of several mags: Nylon said they had "drool-inducing anticipation," while Surface boasted "Sad news for Brits: They can no longer claim exclusive access." (Sadly, they still can.) Marie Claire also ran an entire page on "the new stateside shop." Nice fake-out, Topshop! Fooled us. Now, save us the drama and open already! Pretty please. With a cherry on top.