Overheard From Tyra Banks: ‘Top Model’ Heading to São Paulo!


Tyra Banks ought to be working on the twelfth cycle of America's Next Top Model now. A snitch who works at a restaurant she frequents leaked some top-secret ANTM info to a blogger. The eyewitness says Tyra sometimes comes in twice a week, always with the same man who works in finance she sometimes kisses on the lips. (It's probably her alleged boyfriend, investment banker John Utendahl.) But who cares about PDA when Tyra was overheard on the phone talking about ANTM?!

"On to Top Model news: she was on the phone most of her dinner with I’m assuming a producer from the show. She was mentioning the girls arriving in San Paolo. Getting Samba dancers and batacuda drummers to meet them on their arrival. A photo shoot with masks was mentioned (is this new crop so ugly she wants to hid their faces??).”

Ooooooh! Spoilers! We see a risqué swimsuit shoot in those contestants' futures. We hope there's a token religious girl who cries and bitches about it and gets sent home. That said, we also hope this totally random eyewitness account is accurate.

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