Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford Do an Interview Together on Video!


Tom Ford sat down with Time to explain why his menswear line is so great. And he brought along one of his customers to back him up: Karl Lagerfeld. "It's made differently and ready-to-wear," Karl says. "This quality didn't [used to] exist. You had to fit 40 times before you had a suit. Something I hate is to be touched by strangers." But Karl loves how the arm holes in Tom's suits are cut close to the body so when you raise an arm, the arm "follows your will, but not the jacket." He adds jackets that do that are "for the garbage." Tom says he started his own line with menswear because he couldn't find anything to wear. "Tom is not a drag queen — he started with men's clothes because he wanted clothes for him," Karl emphasizes. And of course, Tom insists on flattering Karl, too. Watch the love on video here.

Behind the Seams: Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld Talk Shop [Time]