Video: Kate Moss Designs Her Topshop Line With Sir Philip Green


Kate Moss is on a roll with her Topshop publicity. She who used to never speak to a reporter has landed a major magazine cover each of the past three months (Vogue, Interview, and British Vogue — but who's counting?) and even gave remotely revealing interviews. This week she appeared on new British TV show British Style Genius. In a very nature-documentary-like approach, the show captures Moss, um, designing her Topshop line with Topshop owner Sir Philip Green. Kate rejoices in having sold over 2,000 of certain pieces while her team shows her clothes at a conference table. Model Erin O'Connor chimes in, praising Kate for not claiming to be a designer (only a "style genius," right?). Whatever.

Kate Moss Demonstrates Her British Style Genius [Fashionologie]