We Don’t Care If Bravo’s New Fashion Reality Show Is a ‘Runway’ Knockoff


The Project Runway lawsuit will probably delay the show's airing for at least a year. Supposedly, this is all a ploy by NBC, who sued the Weinstein Co. over first-refusal rights, to keep the show off the air so it can get its new reality show Fashion House on Bravo's airwaves first, thereby stealing Project Runway's audience if the show goes to Lifetime — mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! The New York Post's "insiders" are calling Fashion House a "shameless copycat show." Well, yeah, that's obviously the case. Despite the headline of the Post story — "NBC's Stealth 'Runway' Clone" — we don't think Bravo's trying to be "stealth," nor do they need to be. They need to fill the Project Runway void with some sort of knockoff, and we're glad they are because as much as we still love the original Project Runway, it's getting stale. A new, knockoff show might be just what Bravo needs.

Meanwhile, Heidi Klum is worried everyone will fight so much that the "fantastic" sixth season doesn't even air. Oh, Heidi, you're too pretty to worry!

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