We Doubt Gisele and Tom Brady Would Wed at Tavern on the Green


We wouldn't be shocked if Gisele Bündchen finally married Tom Brady. We figured they might be considering co-habitation after they both put their New York apartments on the market, so why not slap on some rings and sign a few papers too, right? The New York Post is reporting that the ridiculously good-looking couple is planning a wedding reception at Tavern on the Green. Oh, is that so? We always imagined Gisele's wedding would take place on some random private island, where no paparazzi could find her, with an unassuming ceremony on the beach. The kind of thing where she walks down the aisle barefoot and doesn't have bridesmaids, and only invites close friends and family, which naturally includes a handful of fashion superstars like John Galliano or Donatella Versace, and a reporter from Vogue, who dance the night away to drum-circle music by the light of elegant tiki torches. Not some hokey thing at Tavern on the Green with gaudy chandeliers and a million tourists from the Midwest lollygagging outside. Yes, this is something we've thought about frequently, so pity us.