We Wish Sofia Coppola’s Louis Vuitton Collaboration Excited Us More


We wanted to be excited about Sofia Coppola's handbag and shoe collections for Louis Vuitton. But the article about Sofia and her new accessories in the International Herald Tribune isn't exactly pumping us up.

At the age when Marie-Antoinette was facing the rigid etiquette of the court of Versailles, the 15-year-old Coppola was working as an intern at Chanel in Paris, a city that her parents had always loved.

Wait — she's not just like us?

"I like to be comfortable because I am Californian — nothing too severe or feeling I am wearing costume." She recalls the 1980s in Paris as a time when she wore "ripped and faded jeans" and "shell jackets" and loved the fun Italian brand Fiorucci.

Never mind. We guess we had a tacky Fiorucci phase too.

Coppola was inspired by a trip to Louis Vuitton's original home in Asnières, on the outskirts of Paris. Working with the special order department, she took up the challenge of designing "the perfect bag that doesn't exist."

We're intrigued, but not expecting much.

Coppola wanted a day bag that was "chic, discreet and lightweight and that isn't enormous," adding that "it is hard to find [a] bag without a lot of hardware." She opens the roomy bag (selling in the monogram version at €1,600, or about $2,190), showing how there is an open pocket enabling her to grab her telephone. The evening clutch (€800), with its pochette containing a mirror, is "a thing I wanted for myself."

Hm. We have lots of great reasonably priced bags with great telephone pockets (thank you, Topshop). Maybe the $2,190 version comes with magical powers that prevent the phone from slipping out. And the shoes?

A gilded wedge ankle-strap sandal (€500) was stirred by the memory of her mother's Yves Saint Laurent shoes in the 1970s. ("I loved the 1970s' interpretation of the '30s and '40s," she says.)

Yes, nothing tickles a fancy like Yves Saint Laurent. Is it us, or is this the least exciting buildup to a launch ever? We blame the prose.

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