What’s Wrong With Children’s Halloween Costumes? Everything.


This morning the Today show focused on the trampiness that inevitably comes every Halloween. Only what's disturbing is that the sexy look is getting younger, with slutty costumes marketed to kids as young as 4 years old — 4! Come on. There's seduction everywhere you turn: Upstairs Maid (a gussied-up French-maid outfit — that takes it upstairs), Platinum Girl With Boots (all silver outfit with crop top, miniskirt, and over-the-knee boots), and, perhaps the most disturbing, Hottie Totties (which includes a black and red lace-up bodice). The problem is that girls are learning at an even younger age about gender roles and how overly sexualized looks will get them attention. Which makes us wonder what happened to princesses? Using old dance recital costumes to become ballerinas or witches in big, black trash bags? Halloween isn't worth years of therapy, little girls. Click ahead to watch the corrupted innocence. Trick or treat.

Sexy little devils? Policing kids' costumes [Today]