Why Naked Models Backstage Aren’t Erotic


Backstage at fashion shows, models don't get privacy when they change. Tell you something you don't know, right? No, sorry — we might not, since we just read a really long story about models getting naked backstage in today's New York Times 'Styles' section. Reporters, photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, security guards, and general hanger-onners are all backstage when the models prep for the runway. Guy Trebay, who has seen hundreds of models changing backstage at the shows, writes:

What is strangest, perhaps, about this particular form of employment — for which there is no comprehensive job description — is that being around rooms filled with unclad women and men is anything but stimulating.

Maybe that's because — according to men we're not sure we believe — runway models aren't hot. They just... look like runway models

“When you see some doll walking down the catwalk in some sheer thing or nearly naked, it’s fashion,” Mr. Blanks remarked in Paris last week. “If you saw that same girl pole dancing in a club, it would be hot.”

We disagree, Tim. There are a lot of people (perhaps mostly Americans, who don't see boobs everywhere whenever they go to a beach or pool) who notice the nipples through those sheer things before they notice the sheer things. Call us sick or perverted, but that's how we feel. And every time we see such garments, we wonder if the girls wearing them are comfortable or just doing it out of a twisted sense of obligation.

But you know what else makes the situation not sexy? A lot of these girls are in their TEENS. Like Karlie Kloss, who just turned 16. She talked to Trebay about the sick photographers who try to get naked-model Lolita shots.

“It is an issue,” Ms. Kloss said, as she waited before a show in Paris for her turn with hair and makeup. “People respect that you want and need some privacy,” she added, or most do, anyway.

“One time, I was with Vlada,” Ms. Kloss said, referring to the Russian model Vlada Roslyakova, and “a photographer took a picture of her topless and then left.” Ms. Roslyakova leapt from her chair, chased the woman into the street and tussled with her until she deleted the shot.

Still, it’s going to happen, Ms. Kloss added; even in these early days in the business, she said: “I’m numb to the nudity. It’s just part of the job.”

Again, not erotic! But perhaps a little sad.

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