A Disturbingly Thorough Analysis of Justin Bobby’s ‘Hills’ Style


The folks over at the New York Times' Moment blog are astounded by Justin Bobby's unconsciously astute sense of style: "The scene: Medusa, an Asian fusion lounge. The look: patchy facial hair, chapped lips, black hoodie, black felt wide-brimmed hat, black leather jacket. Critical styling note: J.B.B. wears hat and hood together at once — indoors! And unlike, say, the protagonist in Under My Hood I Have a Hat, Mr. Brescia’s hat is worn over his hood. The effect: Justin Bobby as part Aramis, part Christ from the Tomb, part Zorro, part Dash Snow, part Hasid, part gone-off-the-Depp end. We approve. He’s making a sly reference to the Gothic men’s wear designs of Robert Geller, rocking asymmetrical zippered leather à la Rick Owens and shooting a devilish wink at Anne [sic] Demeulemeester … Given the expanse of bad taste that is 'The Hills,' hats off to Justin Bobby’s layered head wear look." [Moment/NYT]