Sasha Has Gone Edgy, and We Don’t Find It Fierce


It all started with that metal glove. Beyoncé flourishes it while she dances in her "Single Ladies" video in an otherwise pretty conventional, er, leotard. But then the red-carpet appearances and live performances started. Beyoncé couldn't let that metal glove go. She wore it on the carpet a week ago at the MTV Europe Music Awards. She kept it on for her performance, paired with a dress by Gareth Pugh. Since when does Beyoncé wear Gareth Pugh? we wondered. But that was just the beginning. She performed in the glove again at the World Music Awards, where she wore Alexander McQueen. And the other day we were perusing the art for her new album, I Am Sasha Fierce, and there she was dressed as a motorcycle again wearing the metal glove (does that thing never pinch?). Spoiled Pretty noticed that glove and motorcycle top also appear in George Michael's video for "Too Funky" directed by none other than Thierry Mugler. Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen, and Thierry Mugler, B? So many cutting-edge outfits and one metal glove do not a high-fashion diva make. Especially when the styling is all wrong. Beyoncé's hair and makeup more closely resemble Sarah Palin's than vampy Parisian runway chic. A half-pony and a smoky eye? Some hoop earrings with Gareth Pugh? It's almost as if she's just half-heartedly trying but doesn't want to jump in with both stiletto-clad feet. Which, alas, does not make her fierce at all. If you, Beyoncé, are Sasha Fierce, then we are Sasha confused.

Bey, You're Just Too Funky For Me… [Spoiled Pretty]
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