Eyebrow Transplants: Hair Plugs for Your Face


Recently, the hair-restoration company Bosley, which usually targets the George Costanzas and Rogaine-loving men of the world, announced the latest addition to their hair-plug repertoire: Eyebrow Transplantation. Let's add emphasis to express bewilderment: Eyebrow. Transplants. Yeah. And they're after you, ladies! Ever seen a woman with overplucked eyebrows and she looks like a hairless cat? Meet Bosley's prime target.

The process involves taking hair from where it's finest (the nape of the neck or the temples), and placing it in the brow to fill in bald spots and reshape brows. It takes three months for them to grow in "naturally." We're not registered medical professionals or anything, but this isn't on the top of our list for vanity procedures. Just the sound of it is unpleasant. But, on the other hand, is it sad that we empathize with these people? The Art of the Pluck is a difficult skill to master, after all. And although plucking is painful and can lead to the picture on the above left, it's also immediately gratifying. But the key is restraint, sisters, because you can't hide bad brows. So, please, keep them filled out.