In Which We Offend Anna Wintour and She Shoos Us Away


We've seen Anna Wintour in her best and worst of moods. When we bumped into her at LeBron James's party during Fashion Week she kindly fielded our questions for a whole two minutes, even peppering her replies with smiles, as if taking us in like an adorable lost puppy. But at the National Book Awards this week, she treated us like a malaria-carrying mosquito.

The Cut: There have been some rumors, and we were wondering if you had plans for retirement.
Anna Wintour: I'm so sorry, I think that's an extremely rude question. Leave me alone.
The Cut: May we ask what you would do if you did retire?
Anna Wintour: No. Just go away.
The Cut: Okay, thank you, enjoy your dinner.

But! She didn't deny it.