Tom Ford’s Suit Skirts for Daniel Craig Are Very Swishy


Daniel Craig wears suits designed entirely by Tom Ford in the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. When costume designer Louise Frogley saw the Forbulous suits, she couldn't resist. "They're not clothes where you know where you can buy them, there's more mystery," she tells the AP. Yes. One must seek them out in Tom Ford stores or the 1,600-square-foot Tom Ford shop-in-shop in Bergdorf Goodman. Ford says he tried to dress Craig simply:

"By dressing him in a very simple way, it accentuates that it looks simple on the surface but it isn't. It's a metaphor for the perfect suit — the construction that goes into a good suit is a lot of hours of handiwork, but you shouldn't see any of that it the end result. It should look easy and natural and a part of you … I do design things that are more extravagant, but that wouldn't be right for Daniel Craig or Bond. Bond wears more of a uniform."

Ford's sartorial genius is not merely abstract. To put it concretely, the suits must be cut so that sexy Daniel Craig can run, jump, and blow things up while still looking dashing. Ford's suits have a "roomy skirt" — the part of a suit jacket hanging below the waist — that enables such maneuvers. Frogley recalls the skirts swirling when sexy Daniel Craig moved around a lot. The suits were also great — and this is coming from Frogley, not us — because they hid sexy Daniel Craig's physique (sorry — "sexy" just keeps slipping out). "You want to hide the muscles in a suit, otherwise he ends up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. You want to leave that as a wonderful surprise when he's wearing something else or less," she says. That's nice, Frogley, but there is only one shirtless Daniel Craig scene in Quantum of Solace, amounting to approximately five minutes of pec-gazing time. But why should Frogley care? She probably saw him shirtless in person every day.

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