Lauren Conrad Taps Into Her Favored Market: Sorority Girls


Though many in the fashion world look at Lauren "LC" Conrad as a fumbling celebrity designer, we have to give her some slack — the girl knows how to market herself. She went right to her biggest fans to make an impact, targeting sorority girls with a national college tour to promote her latest collection. And we didn't want to miss it. Last weekend marked the last stop, closing out at The Estate, a club in Boston, where she sent a supportive, and downright bubbly, bunch of 300 into a tizzy with her appearance. Noticeably bothered by the camera flashes, LC huddled behind the balcony while snapping some BlackBerry photos of the packed house, even though you could barely see the fifteen-foot runway among the sea of blonde hair and belted American Apparel dresses in the audience. Why wasn't Lauren backstage, we wondered? That's what fashion designers do! But, we guess she wanted to be with the people, her people. After the ten sorority models walked (who had to compete to get into the show), she popped out to say thank-you remarks, though she was quickly hushed by the high-pitched, valley-girl screams of her loyal minions. And loyal they are: "Wearing her clothing line tonight was really an honor," said Kimberly Landry, 20, of Northeastern University, who was one of the ten models. But is it worth it? "A cotton dress for $200 is overpriced, just because of the name that’s on it? Come on," a spectator named Andrea told us. "But, I mean, I would totally buy it, just because it’s a Lauren Conrad dress, I totally would." We've seen a glimpse of our future American women, people, and they're all dressing like Lauren Conrad. Totally. Scary.