Naughty Pirate Helena Christensen Doesn't Like to Be Tacky


Helena Christensen just replaced Kate Moss as the star of Agent Provocateur's ad campaigns. She plays a sexy pirate; Kate played a sexy bride. Helena reassured us at the ACE Awards this week that no bad blood exists between them. "You know, the industry is so volatile. We're always losing jobs and getting each other's jobs. I get someone's job, someone gets my job. It was never really a problem with the girls at all. I don't know. She looked pretty hot," she said. "Maybe I should call her up and have a discussion about it." (To make sure Kate doesn't hate her, or to analyze the finer points of sex appeal? Sounds ripe for intrigue.) Helena appears almost-nude in the ads, and she's perfectly comfortable with it. "I draw lines once in a while," she said. "I look at myself very objectively... but I'll be the first one to speak up if I think that I'm doing something that I find rather naff." Confession: we had to ask her what "naff" meant, and she said "tacky." Makes sense. Her Agent Provocateur sexy-pirate charade was decidedly not naff.

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