Objectifying Barack Obama: ‘Male Model’


Barack Obama will bring much more than theoretical "change" to the White House. He'll also bring his dashing 47-years-young visage, trim figure, and newly salt-'n-peppery sexy mane. He's athletic, he's hot, and fashion designers can't wait to get their clothes all over him. And he does need something to wear to the Inauguration. “He could wear a paper bag and I would still love him,” pants J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons Mazeau in WWD. “He just looks effortless. He understands how his clothes should fit.” Marc Bouwer agrees: “I love that he wears narrow, fitted suits and that he doesn’t wear the typical Washington suit with baggy pants." All the better to show off all those hours of step-ups at the gym.

Elie Tahari called Barack "Mister Handsome," and issued this come-hither:

“He could be a male model,” Tahari said. “Whatever he has been wearing has been appropriate. I think the fashion industry will have a ball with him. They will have so much fun because he is built so well. They all love to dress him and I’d love to dress him too. We do men’s wear.”

Quick — someone pass that man a fan! Obama often wears union-made suits from Chicago-based Hart, Schaffner, Marx & Hillman. They've probably smoked cartons of cigarettes since Tuesday.

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