Sarah Palin Speaks at Length About Those $150K Clothes


Sarah Palin addressed her $150K wardrobe on Fox News. She says the clothes weren't her idea and that she "did not order or ask" for them. "When I arrived at the convention, there were clothes waiting for me and clothes being ordered for me and for the family — for eight of us," she says. "And ever since then those clothes — knowing that they didn't belong to me — many of them had been returned, many were put in the belly of the airplane, and, um, some of them were returned home with me and we boxed 'em up, sent 'em back to the rightful owners — the Republican National Committee." Palin rambles on that she "hadn't really heard how all that evolved," contrary to the McCain campaign who assert her team picked out the clothes. She also questions the $150K price tag and if anyone's asking the Democrats about the clothes, styling, and makeup provided to them. Well, Governor Palin, they are! We already know who styles Michelle Obama's hair and that the First Lady–elect chooses and purchases her own clothes and reportedly doesn't use a stylist. See Palin acknowledge her own stylist in the video.