Sarah Palin’s Goin’ to Miami


Republican governors have planned a little get-together to reflect on the recent election and how it went oh so horribly wrong for them. Naturally, they chose to convene in Miami, the city that heals broken hearts faster than tequila shots and male models. Sarah Palin will deliver a speech called "Looking Toward the Future." When the governors aren't sitting around listening to speeches and commiserating, they can take part in extracurricular activities, such as a "Day of Beauty," involving "pampering to include manicures, pedicures, neck and shoulder massages." Palin will probably skip this, but she could sign up for the Art Deco tour, which visits landmarks like "the late Gianni Versace's villa on Ocean Drive." You know what we always say — who needs the White House when you've got Versace's house?

Republican fix for 2008 defeat: manicures, massages and Sarah Palin in Miami [Telegraph]