Sometimes Women Do Purchase Things With Their Own Money


Reading a certain item in "Page Six" today felt like rubbing sandpaper on our eyeballs. We really didn't like how it made us feel. It's about how men are returning luxury items like shoes, bags, and fur coats to stores for their wives.

"It's as if the women are too embarrassed, or too upset, to come in themselves. It's too painful for them to part with their recent purchases," said one retailer. "So they make their husbands perform the painful chore." And it's fitting for the man to collect the cash, since he paid for the unnecessary items in the first place.

Because there is no way women would buy these things with their own money because they don't have, oh dammit, what are they called? Careers. You know, all on their own without their husbands. Nope, there is no way there is one woman like that who also happens to have things to return and whose husband returned them for her because she's busy. And who is to say those men didn't buy any of that stuff for themselves? If there's one thing we've learned from Gossip Girl, it's that you never know.