Uggs Defy the Economy, Despite How Bad They Are for Foot Health


Well here's a head scratcher: Uggs are recession-proof. That's right, despite the economic downturn, these boots are selling quite strongly. We thought there was a larger legion of anti-Uggers out there, but Uggs are one of the most-searched fashion items on eBay, and the new $300 Langley riding boot became a best seller right as the banking meltdown began. So why are these shoes still popular? They should be a long-faded fad by now. They're not attractive, fashionable, or waterproof, and they're apparently terrible for foot heath:

According to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, their flat soles leave the arches limp and can cause painful tendon conditions, such as a plantar fasciitis. The flimsy sheepskin casing makes a weak ankle cushion.

The Telegraph asserts Uggs are popular because celebrities like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are photographed wearing them, and Uggs are easy to identify. We think it's just in keeping with recent footwear trends: The worse shoes are for one's feet, the more popular they become. Masochism is in.

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