Our Favorite Underwear Ads of All Time


It's hard for us to focus today, bear with us. But let's all think back to last week, when we were still in dark times. Our only shining beacon was the news that Posh was about to strip down for Emporio Armani underwear ads. (We've heard the ads are simply amazing.) Nothing like another Beckham baring it for our viewing pleasure. Of course, this isn't the first celebrity-laden underwear ad to capture our hearts (we said hearts, people). The last decade or so has been filled with near-naked celebs posing for the camera, and some models have become famous solely on what they barely cover up. (Thank you, Calvin Klein!) From Marky Mark to Eva Herzigova's famous breasts, take a walk down skivvy lane with us. Leer, ogle, enjoy our unmentionable slideshow.

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