Whitney Port Reaches New, Awesome Levels of Boringness


News flash: Whitney Port has a brand-spanking-new blog. She's using it to promote The City, The Hills, her clothing line, and, naturally, herself. Not only is the background floral and pastel pink while her vlog posts have original (we think) theme music not unlike something Jewel might play, but the content is quite riveting. In this morning's vlog post, she tells us she's super excited about Thanksgiving because her family is flying into town. And she doesn't know what kind of dessert she's going to make yet, but she's definitely going to make one. And oh! She helped her mom pick out the recipes this year — they've been going through cookbooks together. Yay! And she wants you to leave a post about your Turkey Day plans because it's "always fun" for her to hear what you're doing on "such a special day." Hm, we think we'll spend it sitting in front of a satin curtain blathering nonsensically to a camera about how great our lives are and, generally, nothing in particular. Isn't this fun?!

Whitney Port