Affordable Fur: No Longer a Myth


When the temperatures hit the teens, there was just one thing that could snap us out of the winter blues: a new fur. Yes, we realize there's a recession on, hence the fact that we didn't run out and buy one. But a little bit of luxury can really cheer us up. Of course, the very next day temperatures soared up to the fifties. Too risky to break out a big, massive coat anyhow. Adrienne Landau has solved our problems with her softer-than-soft fur scarves and collars. Not only do they stave off the cold, but they glam up any outfit — the perfect accessory to make jeans and a tee look cocktail-party appropriate. And did we mention they're a fraction of standard fur prices? Even we can scrimp up enough change for these pieces.

Crystal Fox, $115, and Knitted Rabbit Scarf, $175, both available at Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave., at 51st St, (212-753-4000).