Bell-Bottom Jeans Make a Comeback. Are You Ready?


After wide-leg jeans and high-waist trousers splashed through this year's trend pages and stole the spotlight away from skinny jeans, yet another style is diving back into the jean pool this spring — bell bottoms. Just look at denim designer Michelle Siwy's seventies-era inspiration for her new 24-inch flare Chloe style for Siwy Jeans. With that sort of circumference size, these flares are large enough to classify them as a new style of super-bell, if you will. And Siwy's mass-market jeans are just one sign of a seventies comeback — Marc Jacobs's fall 2007 collection rallied a certain disco feel. Can we cue the theme song to Welcome Back Kotter and channel our inner Sweathogs now?

Dare to Flare [British Vogue]