Brazilian Jeweler Jack Vartanian Opens New Store


Not all of the fashion/luxury market is cowering under rocks, waiting for These Economic Times to turn bullish. Some are opening stores and throwing dinners! It's like it's 2007! Brazilian jeweler Jack Vartanian opened his first U.S. flagship yesterday on Madison Avenue (with a packed crowd ogling the wares). The store, designed by architect Arthur Mattos Casas, is modern but compact, much like most of our apartments. So, yes, you feel at home. Though we wish we had displays of diamond-laden jewels in our digs. The baubles have an old-world, vintage feel: giant rocks, delicate gold settings, and drop earrings that could have been passed down through generations. And what's a jeweler without the star-studded clientele? Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, and Cameron Diaz are all reported fans. So is it wishful thinking to throw open the doors this month of this year? Maybe, but at least we get to look at nice things. If only we could, you know, afford them. See the store after the jump.