Check Out the Hot Men Madonna’s Appearing With in W


So Madonna's in Brazil shooting a spread and cover for W magazine with Steven Klein. Made in Brazil is reporting she'll appear with a slew of hot Brazilian male models, two of which we've pictured here. On the left is Felipe Anibal, and in the center and right is Miro Moreira in D&G's spring 2007 campaign and Armani Exchange's spring 2008 underwear ads. At least two more boys like this will reportedly appear with Madge in the spread, shot at a hotel in Rio de Janeiro and a bar in Ipanema. See, this is why we love Madonna. She doesn't get divorced and have a lame 4 p.m. Champagne and cake menopause fest. She flings herself to the tropics to rub up on (can you imagine?) Brazil's finest-looking younger men for all the world to see. After all, why settle for one beefy, too tan baseball player when you can have four ideal specimens of foreigner?

Madonna's Brazilian Hunks [Made in Brazil]