Condé Nast’s Most Profitable Magazine: Vogue


Oh what drama these past few weeks have been for Condé Nast, with tales of Anna Wintour's retirement tearing through the blogosphere like Michael Phelps in a pool in China. As if to drive a nail into the heart of those rumors, "Page Six" reports today that Vogue was Condé Nast's "most profitable magazine" this year. Yes, despite awkward, scarily Photoshopped, and controversial covers, dwindling ad pages, and flagging newsstand sales, Vogue is still on top. The numbers aren't released to the public, and perhaps this story was strategically placed by Condé (at Anna's behest?) to gloss up Vogue's tarnished image as of late, especially with major cutbacks at Men's Vogue and Fashion Rocks. Regardless, it makes us feel better knowing Anna has no reason to go anywhere. We like our fashion-show front rows laced with dark, mysterious sunglasses and even more mysterious souls within.