Details Emerge on Kelly Cutrone’s New Reality Show


Excitement continues to build over Kelly Cutrone's new reality show about her fashion PR company People's Revolution. Last week we learned ex–Project Runway producers Magical Elves were producing it. But we've only heard vague metaphors about what we would actually see on camera. Those vague metaphors shall keep us in the dark no longer. PR Week reports:

The new show will follow the agency as it tries to get clients into top-tier publications, tracking phone calls, written materials, look books, meetings, and photo shoots. It'll also play out the drama associated with producing fashion shows and working with celebrities.

“It's visually very stimulating … coupled with the intense hours we go through and some of the perceived crises that happen within the fashion industry, whether it be something being held up at customs … in the middle of the night, to trying to find double-sided tape at three in the morning for a dress for a fashion show," Cutrone said.

Cutrone added she wanted to provide an “opportunity on TV for young women to see women in power.” Are you there, Real Housewives? The Magical Elves are shopping the pilot around to networks and say, “There's been a great interest in the show." Variety reports that NBC Universal has a first-look deal at the show. To say there is life after The Hills would be an understatement. We wonder how Lauren Conrad will fare. And, for that matter, the piteous Lo Bosworth.

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